Coffee cake recipe – light and fluffy, chiffon style

coffee cake audreysjl (2)

This year we had some cake loving eating visitors over for Christmas and New Years and so for once I could actually bake more than once a week and not have to worry about left overs. Yes, you heard it right. I always see people post something along the line of “Leftovers? Shelf life? We’re finished by lunch so I have no idea!” But surprisingly (or not so) there are cake lovers and there are non-cake lovers, so it doesn’t matter how delicious the cake you make is. For some, one tiny slice a week suffices. Funnily enough one can often begin to wonder if it is the baker’s biased towards their own baking that skews their opinion of their own dessert. But it only takes a few holidaying visitors to put these doubts to rest!

So, having created so many cakes (and having done quite a few DIY’s mind you) and having taken countless pictures over Christmas, why haven’t I uploaded anything since NOVEMBER? Well, I actually think I might have had too many options for once and simply couldn’t decide where to even begin. I know, first world problems.

Skipping to now, I have decided to save my light Christmas fruit cake, coconut and lychee cream cake and moist banana bread recipes for another day. I guess the purpose of me even mentioning them is really to hold myself accountable and not disappear again for a few months.

coffee cake audreysjl

Today’s recipe is for an ultra fine, smooth and moist coffee sponge cake with an equally delicious coffee cream. This cake is light, fluffy but oh so moist – the makings of an excellent chiffon. You may have noticed that I often switch between cup measurements and weights. This is probably because I often lose my scale (which I much prefer using) and have to switch to volume measuring.

Coffee cake

Makes 1 mini cake | 160°C | 15 minutes

Separate 1 egg

Combine the yolk with 2 – 3 tbsp oil + 1tsp instant coffee dissolved in water + 1/4 cup flour. Mix till smooth and set aside.

For your egg white, add 2tbsp sugar (any type will do) and beat until stiff.

Fold both mixtures together and bake.

Coffee cream

Whip some cream with sugar (add as much you prefer) and fold in 1 tsp instant coffee (or to taste) that has been dissolved in enough water to form a paste.


Dust each sponge layer with icing sugar, and pipe the coffee cream into little blobs.


2 thoughts on “Coffee cake recipe – light and fluffy, chiffon style

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